Sherlockorama 2012: An Intro Post

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Bloggers

We’ve been hinting for a while that a big series of posts will be coming up for the holidays. That day is here! Welcome, internet, to Sherlockorama 2012!

What in the name of Mrs. Hudson is Sherlockorama, you may very well ask? Sherlockorama began last year in the heart of December, as Ssigerson and I were planning a little Holiday get together with just the two of us. Given that any such gathering between such individuals would quickly devolve into something Holmsian, which we embraced. I sent this invite, via the fantastic Bureau of Communication, naming the event on a whim. The rest was history.

Sherlockorama 2011 Invite

Sherlockorama 2011 was a resounding, mind-blowing experience. We enjoyed Holmes films at home and in the theater, Holmes music and related gifts, and, well, costume related shenanigans.  Sure, it was just us two, but as you will see from our posts, it became something we want to share with all of you.

Sherlockorama, to us, is a Holiday celebration of all things Holmsian. While we both live far apart from each other, our families are both in the same place, which gave us the opportunity to have our own little shindig. Our own little holiday party merges everything we love about the winter holidays with everything we love about Holmes and hanging out with each other.  We have the feeling Sherlockorama 2012 will be a night to remember.

Our Sherlockorama series of posts will explore not only our own experiences but also an amalgamation of ideas that we have found throughout the internet for any Sherlock Holmes Party. So whether you are plotting a Halloween Party drenched in mystery, or a good old January 6th Birthday Bash, we hope that we may be a spark of inspiration. All in all, we just hope you have a good time, and feel a part of our little event, which we hope to be an annual tradition.

Posts in this series will include:

–          A dual post on our experiences last year

–          Food and Drink Ideas

–          Décor Ideas

–          Entertainment Ideas- Games and Music

–          Locations- fun things to do about the town

Likely there will be some other surprises along the way. So, without further ado, I bid you all welcome to Sherlockorama 2012!

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