Sherlockorama 2012: An Intro Post

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Bloggers

We’ve been hinting for a while that a big series of posts will be coming up for the holidays. That day is here! Welcome, internet, to Sherlockorama 2012!

What in the name of Mrs. Hudson is Sherlockorama, you may very well ask? Sherlockorama began last year in the heart of December, as Ssigerson and I were planning a little Holiday get together with just the two of us. Given that any such gathering between such individuals would quickly devolve into something Holmsian, which we embraced. I sent this invite, via the fantastic Bureau of Communication, naming the event on a whim. The rest was history.

Sherlockorama 2011 Invite

Sherlockorama 2011 was a resounding, mind-blowing experience. We enjoyed Holmes films at home and in the theater, Holmes music and related gifts, and, well, costume related shenanigans.  Sure, it was just us two, but as you will see from our posts, it became something we want to share with all of you.

Sherlockorama, to us, is a Holiday celebration of all things Holmsian. While we both live far apart from each other, our families are both in the same place, which gave us the opportunity to have our own little shindig. Our own little holiday party merges everything we love about the winter holidays with everything we love about Holmes and hanging out with each other.  We have the feeling Sherlockorama 2012 will be a night to remember.

Our Sherlockorama series of posts will explore not only our own experiences but also an amalgamation of ideas that we have found throughout the internet for any Sherlock Holmes Party. So whether you are plotting a Halloween Party drenched in mystery, or a good old January 6th Birthday Bash, we hope that we may be a spark of inspiration. All in all, we just hope you have a good time, and feel a part of our little event, which we hope to be an annual tradition.

Posts in this series will include:

–          A dual post on our experiences last year

–          Food and Drink Ideas

–          Décor Ideas

–          Entertainment Ideas- Games and Music

–          Locations- fun things to do about the town

Likely there will be some other surprises along the way. So, without further ado, I bid you all welcome to Sherlockorama 2012!

 Notice 2012


Fandom Friday #22(1)- November 30th, 2012

Once again, not the 221st post, but continuing the trend! I am back and refreshed from a great holiday, and looking forward to a merry December. I am feeling the joy of the season- The Hobbit comes out in less than two weeks, and my (non-Sherlockian) book club voluntarily decided to read The Blue Carbuncle as our “short holiday story” this year. Joy, gladness, and ale!

1.) It would be a nearly Moriarty-level criminal to not begin this week’s FF without this item. There is very little more entertaining than historical and fictional characters engaging in smack down rap battles. While Epic Rap Battles of History has brought us such gems as Hilter vs. Darth Vader, Napoleon vs. Napoleon (Dynamite), and Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who, has now attempted to decide the epicness of two crime-solving duos.

Who won? While Robin did make a good show, and Batsy did get in a few good ones….well, you know where our loyalties lie 😉

2.)  We always love a good bit of fanart, but there are those that leave us in awe, and this is one:

Found on Woodmark by tigerart27. I wish we had an artist!

3.) Given that Ssigerson and I are pondering some activities and decor for Sherlockorama 2012 (More about that soon!), it is unsurprising I ran by this little gem. Make your own Holmes and Watson ornament kits!

Found on Regencyaustentation (AWESOME NAME) on Etsy

4.) So possibly because I am in a light mood, most of the items tonight are of a light or humorous nature.

By koenta on Deviantart

We are not above toilet humor.

5.)  This may be my new favorite GIF.

Found on Pinterest.

Mycroft may not appreciate such things, but his boss knows what’s what.

Fandom “Friday” #20- November 17th, 2012

Happy 20th Fandom Friday everyone! Once again we have our hands back and forth to make you really, really believe it’s still Friday. Right? Right.

We’ve had a fun week here at Stormy Petrels- we’ve got several exciting reviews, post series and interviews coming up, so be prepared for a very intriguing December!
1.) As always, Ssigerson and I are connoisseurs of many different “vintages” of Holmes. We love it when other people are too! And so this first item is a great reference to our first review.

Found on Skull Panda Loves Everything!

2.) While we to tend to favor certain Holmes, we love pretty much all of them. Here’s a Holmes and Watson that don’t get enough love on our blog.

Found on Pinterest with the comment “Fan art by Tess”

3.) Another thing that we are super fans of here at SP is an excess of nerdity in regards to the world of Sherlock Holmes.
Here’s a wonderful follow up to the 221 B Map which we shared in this Fandom Friday.

From Sherlock Soup on Tumbler

Originally created by Stephanie Hahn-Wagner of Chickenfox Studios  for her ‘BBC Sherlock Sketchbook Project’.

(Thanks again, Stephanie, for getting a hold of us!)

Bonus item! Here’s another amazing set of diagrams, this time done with computer imaging. I’m AMAZED at the amount of work put into this, and find it awesome how well the images match to the one above.

Found on Moonblossom on Tumblr

4.) Because everyone needs more ghostbees in their lives.

From Ghostbees, obvs.

5.) While this is more Canon than Fandom, this is still worth a lovely squee- and given my favorite bit from the whole canon, this makes me grin, and tear a bit. This is a page from the manuscript of “The Final Problem”

Found from the Indiana Lilly Library

We wish the very best to those who have weeks ahead full of family, friends, turkey, green bean casserole, and excessive feasting and drinking. And of course to those of you who are just enjoying a week of November, we wish the best as well!

Must Like Violin

“Let us escape from this workaday world by the side door of  music.” ~ Retired Colourman

~ ~~

Despite our rather ambiguous feelings on Holmes musicals (as expressed here), a fan of the Canon cannot deny the inextricable link of Sherlock Holmes to music. The violin as a symbol of Holmes stands only behind the Calabash and Deerstalker- and the nerd in me would like to note that both of those things are non-canonical.

One of my ways of expressing my love for a fictional world is to layer it in music. Since I cannot really create music myself, I collect it and rearrange it so that mirrors the emotions I feel. Ssigerson and I have taken this up as a bit of a hobby when it comes to Holmes music, and we figured we’d share some of our playlists with you. Some of them are overlapping, as we like to share music with each other like a kindergarten class on show and tell day.

As it is, I hold generally around three Sherlock Holmes themed playlists: an emotional/maudlin one, a cracky/humor one, and an adventure/party one. The Party one I generally break out at Holmes Parties, of which Ssigerson and I are becoming experts, or at least connoisseurs. Since my Cracky and Adventure playlists are quite similar, and are mostly made up of music from existent Holmes sources, today I thought I’d share my Emotional playlist. I am not usually a user of the fannon term “Feels,” but this playlist has many of them, in the Hiatusy/Reichenbachy sort of a way. And if some of them are more romantic, well, it’s because Holmes and Watson have the most epic Bromance since Frodo and Sam. Many of these songs I link with Holmes and Watson due to the fantastic efforts of fanvidders, which I will try to link to.


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Fandom Friday #18- November 2, 2012

Welcome to November, Internet! Hamishmd, here, hoping to be a little bit more active with blogging, since I’ve now finished my move.  And since I can’t grow a mustache, maybe I’ll try writing a novel. Pastiche, of course. If anyone has any links to resources on 1920s Egyptology let me know….

Now on to our usual mayhem and shenanigans…

1.)  Last time I tried a “Video Only” FF, which ended up in me pulling my hair trying to find ONE. LAST.VIDEO. And here, refind this a week later, and laugh hysterically.

I think my favorite bit is the corresponding soundtracks. Or the fact that they all treat the only Watson as their Watson. Yup, that’s my favorite.

2.) I loves me some Sherlock Holmes toys. I’ve got the wee Holmes Mini-Fig from Lego, and I hope to get the Playmobile detective someday. In the meantime, this VERY creative fan has tickled my fancy quite a bit!

Found on Pinterest via Sherleck on Tumber

3.) I am a historian by schooling. Therefore, primary sources make me go “SQUEE!” This one made me go SQUEE.

Caption states “From the December 14, 1893 edition of the Western Maile”

Found via Pinterest

4.) Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have noticed our mascots: Sherlock & Watson Sock Monkeys. Like many historians, I also make Sock Monkeys. Since our Plush fellows came into existance, I have been on the lookout for accessories and clothes to make them the best sock-representations-of-classic-literature-characters I possibly can. Here’s an etsy seller who’s got me drooling….think she’d make a slightly smaller version?

Etsy Seller ClockworkandCthulhu (which is the best name ever)

5.) If you all hadn’t noticed, one of our favorite things on Stormy Petrels is the juxtaposition and celebration of ALL Holmes & Watsons. Even if some of them are the red-headed step-child, and sound like Piglet.

Found via Pinterest from Sup Holmes on Twitter

And on that note….Happy November!

Fandom Friday #16~ October 20th, 2012

Hullo, all! Time for your weekly edition of Fandom Friday….er Saturday! It’s becoming a bit blustery in this part of the world. All very October, and very Hound of the Baskervilles. Time for a rewatch, me thinks? Ah, but which version? As I ponder this, enjoy our weekly links!

1. Earlier this week I got to spend some time with my significant other, who happens to be a huge Mythbusters fan. There’s nothing quite like science (and explosions) solving unknown questions. What could possibly be better than adding that to Sherlock Holmes? While they aren’t Adam and Jamie, the Sherlockian Myth-busters have got my attention!

I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

2. Speaking of rejecting forgone conclusions, here’s a little idea of how the 2011 Sherlock Holmes film should have ended….Stick around until the credits, it’s my favorite bit.

3. For many of us, detecting began at a young age. For some of us, merging our old “heroes” with our new ones involved hot tea all across our computer screen.

I think the oddest part of this is how much Sherlock’s hair in this reminds me of Snape’s in a Very Potter Musical.

4. Looking back on this summer, it was filled with LONDONY goodness. Here’s some more, featuring some of our favorite folks!

It’s Elementary: On the Trail of Sherlock Holmes

5. And not quite a vid, but a moving image nonetheless.

We have such an amazing history, we Holmes fans. I have to admit I’m a little amused, though sympathetic to those who are antsy about waiting a whole year and some for Season 3. When reading or watching the Granada Series I can’t wait 5 minutes between reading the Final Problem and reading The Empty House. The really heart wrenching thing, beside John Watson living for 3 years thinking Sherlock Holmes was dead…..the publication of The Empty House came nearly 10 years after The Final Problem.

Now THAT’S a dedicated fanbase!

Fandom Friday #14~ Oct. 5th, 2012

Well, welcome to October! As I have stated repeatedly, my do I love fall! A very good month for mystery, and possibly a giant (possibly bioluminescent)  hound. This month you can definitely expect some more reviews from Stormy Petrels, and some more interviews too! And without further ado, our  fairly fantastic Fourteenth Fandom Friday!

1.) One of the most fantastic things about Sherlock Holmes being the most portrayed movie character (According to Wikipedia) is that you can often pick your Holmes depending on your mood.  Now we have this handy infographic for helping us decide!

Click the image to see it in full glory! Image by Brendan Riley

2.)  Ssigerson and I have mighty plans to see many Holmes places together in our future travels, including London, Switzerland… but one of those places is definitely the Holmes Collection at the University of Minnesota’s Library

The librarian just looks so GLEEFUL! Also note WHOM the Beaton’s Christmas Annual belonged to….

3.) 25 years ago several things happened. The Minnesota Twins won the World Series. Canada introduced The Loony. Maria Von Trapp died. Sherlock Holmes turned 100.  Oh yeah, and I was born.

As Sherlock Holmes turns a century and a quarter, and I just turned a quarter of a century, some commemoration is certainly in order.  Here’s a pin from 25 years ago that I’d love to own at some point:

Found from ASherlocksHome on Etsy

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