“You are the stormy petrel of crime, Watson. What is it?”

~ A.C. Doyle. The Naval Treaty

~ ~ ~


If you have stumbled upon our little corner of the internet, it may well be that you have an interest in things of a Holmesian nature.  If not – Welcome all the same!   We are a duo of Sherlockians who have begun to notice (with much enthusiasm) that facsimiles and adaptions of our favorite duo are, in a word, everywhere.  Pub signs, mugs, tea bags, teddy-bears, cigars, and shop windows.  They are in our cinemas, on our televisions and in our bookstores.  In the one hundred and twenty four years since their literary conception, these two – a consulting detective with an incredible mind and his doctor with an incredible heart – have permanently entrenched themselves in the entire world’s public consciousness.  With a popular movie series, multiple TV series, and countless new books being released, the cultural importance of Mr. Holmes and Dr.Watson seems to be picking up speed rather than lessening as we enter their quasquicentennial year.  It is with this in mind that we have created this blog as a place to note, analyze, philosophize, review, squee, and occasionally snark upon the endless myriads of adaptations, pastiche, commentaries, and kitsch featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, M.D.

So please, do come in and take a seat with us for a while.  We’d be ever so glad for the company.  There’s an armchair open by the fireside and a mug of hot brandy warming on the mantelpiece.  Let us spin you a good yarn, or guide you in a moment of introspection before you continue on your way.  Enjoy our musings with respect and good humor, and take from them whatever you like.  You are also more than welcome to speak up and contribute, should you feel so inclined.

~ ~ ~

Your blogging hosts are:

Ssigerson: Resident social scientist, observer, traveler, and sometimes historian with a penchant for pedantic needlework.  One very dreary October afternoon, my dear friend Hamishmd very aptly recognized that I was in need of a bit of a distraction from my work.  She took me firmly by the hand and quickly led me towards one very famous London apartment set in a world of adventure and mystery, from which I will very probably never return.

Hamishmd: Resident museum nut, historian and sometimes social scientist and sock monkey maker. One lonely fall I got in the mood for fog-on-the-cobble-stones type mystery and was inspired to bring Ssigerson with me in my descent to Baker Street.  She responded, several years later, by bringing me along on her descent into Bloggery.

~ ~ ~

What do all of these things mean?


Plugs & Dottles ~~ “Curiously mixed.” (SHOSH) ~~  (Miscellanea) A little of this, and a little of that. ~ Consisting of all the plugs and dottles of our forays and discussions.  Here you will find a Persian slipper of a page stuffed with a colorful mix of odds and ends which otherwise defy any particular categorization.  Stick that in your pipe and…oh nevermind.

The Revenge of Monsieur Meunier:  ~~ “A curious collection.” (MUSG) ~~  (Kitsch) Clearly Monsieur Meunier was  not amused to learn the fate of his carefully crafted wax replica of Holmes’ head in The Empty House.  Clearly he has done his very best to enact his own special brand of everlasting revenge.  Clearly these things need to be documented.  Clearly…

The Great Index:  We’ve now come to a point in our Sherlockian endeavors that we feel the need to begin compiling a running catalog of our favorite resources and reference materials.  Luckily for you, my friend, we’ve also decided to publish this index here in hopes that our humble collections may be of use to others as well.  This may include anything from print materials such as annotated editions of the canon and encyclopedias, to webpages, online articles, and other electronic indexes.


The Agony Columns:  ~~ “You know that I miss nothing there.” (3GAR) ~~  All of our literary reviews.

Orange Pips:  This is our basic rating system.  Each review we publish will be tagged with a rating of anywhere from one to five ‘Orange Pips’.  (One pip being the lowest rating, while five pips is the highest.)

Slogging Ruffians:  Our  literary ‘hall of shame’. ~  Any works which we feel are too egregiously awful to be graced with even a single pip will be given a straight left punch into the nearest cart and sent rattling downwards to the ‘Slogging Ruffians’.

Beryl Coronets:  The literary ‘creme of the crop’. ~ The polar opposite of the ‘Slogging Ruffians’.  The ‘Beryl Coronets’ is a collection of works we consider to be too stunningly grand to be weighted down with a measly five pips.

Bricks Without Clay:  ~~ “I…have even contributed to the literature of the subject” (REDH) ~~  We are often prone to contemplating and philosophizing on the deeper valences of the Sherlockian world with all of its multitudinous facets.  As the mood strikes us , we may choose to take up our electronic ‘pens’ and publish our thoughts.  When we do, this is where the resulting essays will go.

Fandom Fridays: No blog can be an island: there is a fantastic and vibrant Holmes fandom community out there, made up of scholars, writers, artists, musicians, humorists and everyone in between.  We are greatly honored to be a part of this century old community, and on Fridays we wish to express that love. Usually by posting macros.

Good Company:  We have been exceedingly excited of late to have the occasional illustrious visitor (we cannot dub them ‘clients’ I’m afraid) call at our virtual doorstep and have rather abruptly begun amassing opportunities for interviews.  When these sorts of conversations take place, this is where they will go!

We are deeply flattered that anyone should come knocking upon our virtual door in this manner and will always be happy to oblige as time permits.  If you are interested in speaking with us, feel free to either leave a message here with your choice of contact information, or track us down on Twitter (PetrelsofCrime) and message us there.  We’d love to chat!

~ ~ ~

~ Clicking on any of the category links listed in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page will gather all of the posts tagged under that category in one place for your viewing pleasure.

~ For those who have never seen them:  The short, ‘codes’ which appear after each quote (apart from the one at the top of this page) are part of a system of universally accepted abbreviations designed to make Canon reference quicker and more efficient.  If you haven’t just gone and memorized them all, here is a list.  Study them well.  We will probably use them.  A lot.

~ ~ ~

Nice blog!  What else have you got?

We’re trying hard to make use of a variety of social networking platforms.  If you’d like to track us down elsewhere, we’re also on:

Twitter: @PetrelsofCrime (‘Sigerson & Hamish’)

Pinterest: ‘Stormy Petrels

Tumblr: http://www.stormypetrels.tumblr.com/

Facebook: The Stormy Petrels

We’d be happy to see you there as well!

2 comments on “About

  1. Ernest says:

    Hello – Just thought we’d let you know that we have added a link to your blog on the links page of our website: Criterionbar.org! We hope our members and visitors to our site will more easily be able to find your great blog.

    • ssigerson says:

      Hello Ernest! Thank you very much, both for adding the link, and letting us know! We’re very honored to be listed there and are glad you’ve enjoyed our posts! As you’ve likely already worked out, we’re a bit ‘dormant’ at the moment, but eventually that will change and we’ll get this running again. In the meantime, we hope you and your followers enjoy what we’ve posted so far!

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