7 Degrees of Sigerson and Hamish

We’ve been tagged by our new Twitter friend Heidi Thiemann!   We simply COULDN’T resist joining in the fun here, but we weren’t really sure how to go about it.  We ultimately decided to be safe and cover all of our bases by first doing individual lists and then one ‘joint’ list for both of us together because….why not?  Here goes:

The magic number 7


  1. I am a nerd. Given the fact that I co-run a Sherlock Holmes blog, this would seem to be obvious. But, despite my love for the great detective and all Victoriana, my love for the Lord of the Rings saga supersedes it (and, to be honest, nearly every interest and hobby I have). I came about this honestly, I feel, when my dad read me The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings between ages 5 and 9. I have distinct memories about trying to get fellow kindergarteners to play Bilbo vs. The Goblins with me. I was Bilbo, because Bilbo is my favorite Hobbit. So, essentially, all Martin Freeman has to do be Hamish’s Dream Guy is be in a reboot of Brother Cadfael.
  2. Some people’s guilty pleasure drink is good wine, or maybe a wondrous brandy. While I do love those in their turn, my odd guilty pleasure drink is straight up lemon juice. I am really not sure what this says about me. That I love bright and sunny foods? Or maybe my sour taste buds are dead.
  3. I have several “favorite places” in the world, but one of them is surely the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. My favorite thing to do there is hunt for the red banded agate, stained by the iron in the land. There’s nothing quite like the hunt for a rust-colored, translucent stone, while the dark, cold water laps at your feet.
  4. From our bio page, you may recall that I make sock monkeys. Soon enough, you all shall meet Sherlock and Watson Monkeys, our intrepid mascots. What you may not know is that I hoard socks for this purpose. At last count, I had about 80 pairs stashed away in my craft drawers….waiting to be monkified. Some were gifts, some were dollar store purchases, some were for people who requested monkeys who never followed up, some were because I had a specific theme planned. And most are because I am weak. SUSHI SOCKS, guys. Basically, I should be locked in a room with a needle and a cubic ton of fiberfill until I get it down to a reasonable number. But Target has those really cute Valentine’s day socks in the dollar section…..  And then there are those dozen or so monkeys that are all done except the eyes. They kind of stare into your soul in a creepy, eyeless way. Continue reading