Fandom Friday #19 ~ Nov. 9, 2012

Well, we’ve been a bit quiet here at Stormy Petrels this week.  Very sorry for that!  We seem to be lacking a little in the ‘creativity’ department and have been drawing all sorts of blanks on what to do.  Yet the show must go on, my dears!
*rubs hands*  What ever shall we post this week?

1.) Let’s start off with this one:

Now, I realize that you all are probably getting a little bit tired of this particular meme, but dammit I like it.  It amuses me, and I can relate to it tonight as I sit here battling the worst case of mental and emotional ennui I’ve seen in weeks, maybe even months.  Found, in this particular instance, over at Darjeeling and Lace.

Let’s see, what else have I got in my pockets. *rummages around through various articles of clothing* ….

2.) Ohh.  How about THIS?

One of these images is filled with great reeking heaps of ‘What-the-hell’.  I’ll leave you all alone to guess which one it is.  We pulled this image from Pinterest, but it may be found somewhere within the depths of What, son.

3.) While we’re on the topic of ‘What, son’, have you crossed paths with THIS gem yet??

No?  Well now you have.  We’ve posted this one before, but it really just doesn’t ever get old and it had been a while.  You can expect us to re-post this again somewhere in about six months.  We mustn’t let you forget about it, you see.

4.) Now, for something a little more sombre.  I stumbled upon this on Facebook this evening.  I am very sorry to say that I don’t know where it originally came from, but it struck such a cord with me that I felt a need to share it anyway.

The print is very small, I know, but it’s worth squinting for.  I got this image from the FB page of “Sir Sherlock Holmes“.  If anyone knows what the original source for this is, do let us know!

5.)  Do not think for one minute that we don’t know what you’re up to on Tumblr late at night…


Oh, rly?


2 comments on “Fandom Friday #19 ~ Nov. 9, 2012

  1. You made me smile in an instant and laugh more than once with this new blog entry. I honestly can’t say that about ANY other Sherlockian-based Blog. Full marks, Sigerson and Hamish! MP

    • ssigerson says:

      *blush* That is very high praise indeed! We’re extremely pleased that you’re enjoying our posts so much! We’ve yet to get our weekly article up yet this weekend, but it IS coming! Thank you very much for the kind compliment! 🙂

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