Fandom Friday #17 ~ Oct. 26th, 2012

Let’s see…Where were we?  Oh.  RIGHT!  Fandom Friday!   It’s been an interesting week for us in many different ways, but mostly we’ve been having a fantabulous time and we’re super pumped.  We’ve been finding and making lots of new friends lately, which is really, truly wonderful and we’re both very impressed with how welcoming folks have been.  We certainly weren’t expecting to have things hit off as well as they have, and certainly not so quickly!  It’s been immensely exciting, so thanks guys!  We hope you continue to enjoy our chicanery!
Now then…What sorts of lovelies has the week to offer us THIS time?

1.)  Dunno.  But this somehow seems supremely appropriate at the moment:

Created as part of an impressive series by inkandstardust and locatable HERE.

This also reminds me an awful lot of the “We fight crime!  Together!” shirt HamishMD and I found a good while ago.  Someday we’re going to recreate the image on that shirt….while both wearing it.  Whereupon we shall laugh hysterically.

2.)  And then….then…There is THIS thing:

…Which is so full of fantastic that it simply MUST be shared. We originally found this via the Baker Street Babes, but it would appear as though it originally came from la bislacca.  Thank you ‘la bislacca’, you are brilliant!

3.)  Hmm.  I seem to be on a [BBC] Sherlock kick tonight.  Might as well roll with it.

Found somewhere within the wily depths of…’Sherlock Soup‘?

*Clears throat* “Hey!

4.)  Okay.   Okay.  That’s enough of that.  How about a little [BBC] Sherlock/canon crossover?

It’s just so lovely.  I can’t be entirely positive of who created this image, but it can apparently be found somewhere on Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr page.  HamishMD found this on Pinterest, where it’s coupled with an absolutely amazing quote from Vincet Starrett who seems to have always had a peculiar knack for hitting the nail right on the head.  It runs as follows:

”In the eyes of many, Holmes lives ever on: by warm firesides, on cozy sofas, in dark, flashlight-lit bedrooms, in the back yards during summer afternoons, in large armchairs on rainy days, in libraries and classrooms, in conversation, and in our living rooms … he lives on, as we read.”

So very, very true.  Thank you Vincent.

5.)  Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not this really counts as ‘fanart’, but I’m of the opinion that it does.  But either way, this has got to be one of the loveliest cover ideas for HOUND I’ve seen.  I’d very much like to have this as a print.

I wasn’t able to determine exactly where this image came from, but apparently it can be found somewhere on the Tumblr page Hoodoo That Voodoo.

And now….Just because it’s [almost] Halloween.  We thought we’d point out to you that Sherlock DC is running a PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST!  Aw yeaah.  That’s right.  A pumpkin carving contest.  We’re planning on entering our own design here, but we really think you ought to too!  Come on…It’ll be FUN!

Oh….And one more thing:  In case you hadn’t already caught it, we’re now on Facebook too!


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