Fandom Friday #16~ October 20th, 2012

Hullo, all! Time for your weekly edition of Fandom Friday….er Saturday! It’s becoming a bit blustery in this part of the world. All very October, and very Hound of the Baskervilles. Time for a rewatch, me thinks? Ah, but which version? As I ponder this, enjoy our weekly links!

1. Earlier this week I got to spend some time with my significant other, who happens to be a huge Mythbusters fan. There’s nothing quite like science (and explosions) solving unknown questions. What could possibly be better than adding that to Sherlock Holmes? While they aren’t Adam and Jamie, the Sherlockian Myth-busters have got my attention!

I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

2. Speaking of rejecting forgone conclusions, here’s a little idea of how the 2011 Sherlock Holmes film should have ended….Stick around until the credits, it’s my favorite bit.

3. For many of us, detecting began at a young age. For some of us, merging our old “heroes” with our new ones involved hot tea all across our computer screen.

I think the oddest part of this is how much Sherlock’s hair in this reminds me of Snape’s in a Very Potter Musical.

4. Looking back on this summer, it was filled with LONDONY goodness. Here’s some more, featuring some of our favorite folks!

It’s Elementary: On the Trail of Sherlock Holmes

5. And not quite a vid, but a moving image nonetheless.

We have such an amazing history, we Holmes fans. I have to admit I’m a little amused, though sympathetic to those who are antsy about waiting a whole year and some for Season 3. When reading or watching the Granada Series I can’t wait 5 minutes between reading the Final Problem and reading The Empty House. The really heart wrenching thing, beside John Watson living for 3 years thinking Sherlock Holmes was dead…..the publication of The Empty House came nearly 10 years after The Final Problem.

Now THAT’S a dedicated fanbase!


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