Fandom “Friday” #15 ~ Oct. 14, 2012

Well, we’ve missed our ‘Fandom Friday’ mark this week.  It was my job (S.Sigerson) this week and I’m afraid I dropped the ball.  I got a bit wrapped up in a few things and…well…forgot it was Friday.  HUSH. *pouts and wags silencing finger*  I do hope you will forgive my oversight, however and enjoy our weekly Fandom selections just as much on a Sunday as on a Friday!
1.) THIS…

…makes me laugh every time I see it.  I’m really not entirely sure why.  Might have something to do with my undying  love for Sound of Music.  Or maybe it’s just my morbid sense of humor.  Either way, this would make for a hilarious spoof.  Image was found in Pinterest, but the link leads to he Tumblr page Something to Sing About put together by ‘Jen..From New Jersey’.  I can’t be certain whether or not Jen created this image, but regardless, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

2.)  We try hard to keep things fair and even around here, granting as much attention to ‘Sherlock’ as to the canon and other interpretations as best we can.  This…This…is just deeply lovely.

Also found on Pinterest with a link leading (once again) to Tumblr.  This time it’s a page called “Fuck Yeah Granada Holmes“, maintained, so sayeth the header, by SherlockianConnoisseur.

3.)  Now, I know I just added this to our [brand-spanking new] Tumblr page, but I think this is the most fantastic thing that I thought I’d just go ahead and post ‘er again.  Got this in the mail this last Thursday and it made me enormously happy…

That’s a limited-edition silver coin commemorating the 125th anniversary of the first publishing of A Study in Scarlet.  These coins are currently being sold by the Deutsche Sherlock Holmes Gesellschaft (German Sherlock Holmes Society — The folks behind the marvelous Baker Street Chronicle) and if you hurry, you can still get your hands on one! (Follow the hyperlink through and shoot them an email.)  Mine is currently sitting proudly atop my desk.

4.)  Since we posted a link to matching ‘Holmes and Watson’ BFF rings, it’s only fair that we post this as well…

…Created by Oneeyedfox and up for sale over on Etsy.  I *may* have just recently had one of these made for the loving nemesis in my life, and by ‘may have’ I mean that I had his sister hide it somewhere clever where he’d find it, but be confused.  It was his birthday.  I should probably be scared now.

5.)  We all have our own ideas of what the rooms at 221[b] Baker Street look like.  My experience is that they vary pretty widely.  But THIS one is particularly impressive:

Again, I can’t be overly certain of who originally produced this, but it was yet another Pinterest find via Jaime Mahoney over at Better Holmes and Gardens.  How would YOUR mock-up look??

~ And furthermore…Who’s been dancing on my chest? ~


One comment on “Fandom “Friday” #15 ~ Oct. 14, 2012

  1. […] 3.) Another thing that we are super fans of here at SP is an excess of nerdity in regards to the world of Sherlock Holmes. Here’s a wonderful follow up to the 221 B Map which we shared in this Fandom Friday. […]

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