Fandom Friday #14~ Oct. 5th, 2012

Well, welcome to October! As I have stated repeatedly, my do I love fall! A very good month for mystery, and possibly a giant (possibly bioluminescent)  hound. This month you can definitely expect some more reviews from Stormy Petrels, and some more interviews too! And without further ado, our  fairly fantastic Fourteenth Fandom Friday!

1.) One of the most fantastic things about Sherlock Holmes being the most portrayed movie character (According to Wikipedia) is that you can often pick your Holmes depending on your mood.  Now we have this handy infographic for helping us decide!

Click the image to see it in full glory! Image by Brendan Riley

2.)  Ssigerson and I have mighty plans to see many Holmes places together in our future travels, including London, Switzerland… but one of those places is definitely the Holmes Collection at the University of Minnesota’s Library

The librarian just looks so GLEEFUL! Also note WHOM the Beaton’s Christmas Annual belonged to….

3.) 25 years ago several things happened. The Minnesota Twins won the World Series. Canada introduced The Loony. Maria Von Trapp died. Sherlock Holmes turned 100.  Oh yeah, and I was born.

As Sherlock Holmes turns a century and a quarter, and I just turned a quarter of a century, some commemoration is certainly in order.  Here’s a pin from 25 years ago that I’d love to own at some point:

Found from ASherlocksHome on Etsy

4.) It is rather ridonkulously easy to find Lulzy fanvids from Sherlock to nearly every song in existence. But did you ever….expect thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?

Remember folks, you can write in Dancing Men if you want to….

5.) We have not had enough Mrs. Hudson love today. Remember, you will never be as cool as Sherlock Holmes’ (not)housekeeper.

Found on Weingarten on Tumblr.



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