Fandom Friday # 13 ~ September 29th, 2012

Ohhh yes.  It’s THAT time of the week again.  Time for >*queue flashing lights, confetti, and booming voice*< FANDOM FRIDAY!

1.) Seen enough ‘Gangnam Style’ re-make macros and videos?  Are they starting to turn your stomach yet?  Yes?  Well, I bet you’ve not seen THIS one!  It’s only a small one and I promise it won’t bite….much

And now you’ve got it stuck in your head too.  You’re welcome!

2.)  We here at Stormy Petrels looooooves us some Kate Beaton and we’re particularly fond of her ‘Case of the Two Watsons’.   It should therefore come as no surprise at all that HamishMD and I were rather ecstatic to cross paths with THIS – ‘Two Watsons’ ANIMATED!

~ JAM! ~

3.)  I can’t even begin to say where this image originally came from, but does it really matter?

That’s Jeremy Brett talking to some adorable neighborhood children…portraying Sherlock Holmes…portraying a horse groom for the ‘Granada’ filming of Scandal in Bohemia.  Just one more reason why I deeply adore and admire this man.

4.)  Someday….SOMEDAY….When you LEAST expect it….

~ We DARE you! ~

5.)  And now, for the sake of closing out the night with a bang, I’m re-posting what was hands down the most spectacular text-message exchange I have EVER participated in.  Let me say that again:  Text.  Message.  Exchange.

A little over a year ago HamishMD woke me up one morning with the following message:

“Holmes, I do believe rose-colored plush unicorns are gavotting on rainbows.  Is this a scientific concept?”

I laughed out loud, rolled over in bed, and sent the following in response:

“Quite, Watson quite.  I’ve recently been asked to apply my investigative methods to them.  You see, no one seems to know where these unicorns have come from, or what it is that makes their plush fur so very pink.  Scotland Yard is quite concerned.  I shall have to investigate further and then perhaps compose a small treatise on the matter, lest all of London digress into a fit either of panic or euphoric bliss.  ‘A Study in Pink’ seems a fitting title.  Quite after your bent.”

And so the fire was lit…

‘Watson’: “You must be quick about it, Holmes.  London is overrun with these creatures.  Do you think it possible to harness their arcane powers in the hopes of fighting crime?  Not even Moriarty could resist!”

‘Holmes’: “Indeed!  I rather do believe their powers may be harnessed for good.  Assuming we manage to harness them at all.  The abominable creatures are quite impossible to catch.  I shall very likely need your assistance.  Along with every good English ‘copper’ the Yard can spare.”

‘Watson’: “Lore says only virgins may touch them.  As they say, that leaves me right out.  I make no such observations on the Yard, however.”

‘Holmes’: “”Hum!  I knew you would be the one to have familiarized yourself with the lore.  I suppose we shall soon learn a thing or two about our crime-fighting compatriots.”

‘Watson’: “Fairy tales can always be useful, Holmes.  The legends called them graceful, majestic creatures.  These, however…. These are abysmally rotund and squishy.  Possibly a different species?”

‘Holmes’: “Oh, I should think that is very likely indeed, but we musn’t draw conclusions before we have all the data.  What do you say, Watson?  Shall we house one in the guest room?”

‘Watson’: “Brilliant!  Mrs. Hudson will be pleased, and feed it too many sugar cubes.”

‘Holmes’: “If Mrs. Hudson feeds our rambunctious guest too many more sugar cubes, he shall have the entire block down.”

‘Watson’: “If I ever imagined Baker Street to go, I figured by shells, arson, or chemical fumes…Never pink, rose-scented suffocation.”

‘Holmes’: “Nor I, Watson, nor I.  Oysters, perhaps, but certainly not unicorns. … Dash it all!  He’s eaten the parlor curtains!  Watson we must put an end to this quickly!”

‘Watson’: “Perhaps the water can?  No, not the tobacco!  Holmes, don’t be serious, put the fire poker down.  He can eat the ferns, they were looking peaked anyway.”

‘Holmes’: “Well, we simply MUST do something.  Confound it!  He’s just devoured half my dressing gown and one of your notebooks.  If this damnable creature doesn’t stop demolishing our rooms I shall soon have to abandon this poker in favor of your revolver.”

‘Watson’: “That was the case of the rat of Sumatra!  Confound it all!”

‘Holmes’: “Rats of unusual size…I hadn’t thought they existed until then.”

‘Watson’: “Perhaps we can herd it to the vacant house across the street?  It didn’t like your chemical equipment.  Lend me a beaker!”

‘Holmes’: “Ah!  Very clever Watson!  Very clever!  That one there, yes, the putrid green.  That should serve the purpose nicely.  Hand me my riding crop, will you?”

‘Watson’: “Just be careful with that rug!  There he goes down the stairs…and there went the umbrella stand.  Here, I’ve got the door…”

‘Holmes’: “Oh for heaven’s sake!  Stop him from accosting that gentleman on the corner! … No sir, he isn’t technically ours.  Yes, I quite follow your meaning.  We shall have this in hand shortly… Watson, grab hold of that other door.  Quick!”

‘Watson’: “There!  Now he’s in…Quickly, with the riding crop!”

‘Holmes’: “In you go, you infernal beast!  Lock the door, Watson.  Lock it! …”

And HERE’S where it got EXTRA hilarious.  In the time we’d taken to send this first stint I had gotten out of bed and turned my computer on.  By sheer, stupid luck, my boyfriend, whom we had long since determined to be the ‘Moriarty’ of our little gang (based mostly on the fact that he and I are constantly trying to trump one another with clever pranks), sent me the following IM message at PRECISELY the right moment.  Believe it or not, he had no real idea of what HamishMD and I were actually doing apart from discussing pink unicorns.  I managed to deftly fold it into the conversation and on we went…

‘Holmes’: “…What’s that there on the threshold?  A telegram…”

“…I should have known!  How deplorably thick of me!”

‘Watson’: “Well, I suppose that solves the question of M[oriarty]‘s ‘social history’.  Who knew such cuteness could be cause of such evil?”

‘Holmes’: “Just so.  The world is, as I’ve once declared, infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.”

‘Watson’: “Holmes, you really must continue your study of these creatures!  Only then can you beat M[oriarty] at his own game.”

‘Holmes’: “You are quite right.  The cuteness is a double-edged blade.”

‘Watson’: “As it is, I must be off to the office holiday party!”

‘Holmes’: “Do have yourself a mug of punch on my behalf.  I shall remain here and commence my research.”

‘Watson’: “Good luck old boy!  I will…and several rum balls to boot!”

‘Watson’: “Splendid, Watson!  Splendid!”

And so, with tears of laughter in our eyes, we parted long-distance ways.  Punch and rum balls were, in fact, consumed (I had pictures from her later to prove it) and I really did stay home and ‘commence my research’.  Though not on the subject of unicorns I’m afraid.  This was an expensive romp for me (around $15 if I remember correctly), but I can’t recall a time when I have ever felt $15 so satisfyingly well-spent.  Thank you, dear friend.  Thank you.

‘But where the hell did this COME from??’ you ask.

~What color is their fur?~

~ ~ ~

“’Holmes’”: Now, we know for a fact that Giles was on the boat.”  –  Watson: “No…We don’t.”  – “’Holmes’”: “Oh.  Well, we DO know for a fact that Giles arrived in Windemere.”  – Watson: “No he didn’t.” – “’Holmes’”:  “He didn’t…I thought he did…Ah!  Well, we REALLY know that Giles was behind the theft of the printing plates.” – Watson: “No…He wasn’t.” – “’Holmes’”: “…Fuck.”

~ Excerpt fromWithout a Clue


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