Fandom Friday #12~ September 21st

MY GOD, INTERNET! We actually appear to be back on schedule! I must thank my partner in crime-solving, ssigerson, for picking up the Holmsian slack for me. I should be back in action from now on to engage in our usual tomfoolery, with some added shenanigans and, if you are lucky, some madcap hijinks.

Fall always gets me in the mood for Sherlockia. Something about the fog cloaking the lamp-posts, and the click-clack of a walking cane on the cobble-stones….it was on a fall evening some three years ago now where I found myself in the mood for a mystery, with a touch of Horror involved. I dove into The Speckled Band….and then sent a link to my friend. And, well…now we have a blog.  This particular autumn I am enjoying picking out all the Halloween items that would be perfect decor for a Sherlock Holmes themed party. Severed thumbs in boxes for favors, maybe some good “second stains”? We’d love to hear ideas….

1.) Fall is also a great time for costuming. And while ssigerson and I have made it a bit of a hobby, there are those that blow us away when it comes to creativity.

From Here. Unfortunately, we don’t know who this awesome individual is. Who ever you are, good sir, we salute you! We also covet your harpoon. And I mean that in the most literal sense.

2.) During my own Hiatus- one where I unfortunately worked and wore a hoop skirt a lot instead of traveling the world- I celebrated a milestone birthday. I received this as a celebratory gift from my dear ssigerson.

The Tee Image up close. Art by the fantastic Kate Sharron.

3.) While we at Stormy Petrels usually focus on the Rad Bromance that is Holmes and Watson, we mustn’t ever forget the whacky Foe Yay that is Holmes and his nemesis, Moriarty….

I’m pretty sure I should apologize for that one.

4.)  Everyone loves Holmes. And his tasty, tasty brains….


I must admit to having a similar read to the situation, especially in Granada version. Ssigerson was so kind as to document my reaction, circa June 2010. (And she also noted this was sent at 12:55 am)

“OMG Mortimer is a phrenologist!!!  And he wants to feel up Holmes’ head…He’s like ‘SIR, MAY I RUN MY HAND ALONG YOUR PRIOTAL FISSURE, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN’.  But Holmes is all like ‘DOCTOR PLEASE.  MY MAIDENLY VIRTUE’.  And Watson is in the background cackling.  Because he knows that Holmes will only allow HIM to run his hand over his priotal fissures.”


5.) While we squee and giggle, theorize and plot…..this, in the end, is why we love:

Found on thatcoldmask on tumbler.

❤ Vincent Starrett. One of the best of us, and certainly the most eloquent.

Ssigerson will have some meaty items for you quite soon! Don’t forget to check us out on Pinterest!

(Pssst…..HAPPY INTERNATIONAL HOBBIT DAY! Hug a Bilbo, everyone!)


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