Fandom Friday # 11 ~ September 14, 2012 – Another Double-Post!

JUNE!?  We’ve not posted anything new…since JUNE?!?  Oh for the love of…  *sigh*  Terribly sorry ’bout that!  Truly!  The ‘real world’ has been doing an infuriatingly marvelous job of ruining all of our blogging fun.  But we’re a stubborn little lot and are regrouping to mount a more concentrated counter-attack.  (We defiantly reject your reality and substitute our own.)  In the meantime, we’re going to engage in a little self-imposed penance tonight.  This means that YOU, dear reader, get another ‘two for the price of one’ post!

Here.  We.  Go.

1.)  Well, what have we got here?  I spy a gap just there; on your browser’s ‘bookmarks’ tab – Right between Facebook and Netflix.  An unsightly gap just large enough to house the following collection of six “Design Decoded” articles all on various Sherlockian themes:

     – ‘The Mystery of 221b Baker Street’

     –  ‘Where Sherlock Holmes’ Popular Image Came From’

     –  ‘Sherlock Holmes’ And the Tools of Deduction’

     –  ‘A Modern Sherlock Holmes and the Technology of Deduction’

     –  ‘The Architecture of Memory’

     –  ‘The Scene of Deduction: Drawing 221b Baker Street’

‘Was I wearing a wig just now’?  Most assuredly not.

2.)  While we’re on the topic of people disappearing without warning and then magically reappearing with exotic reading material in hand…

As an interesting aside (well, I think it’s interesting) – I had dinner at the Criterion one evening while in London this last May and there was a young woman there playing lovely, quiet covers of popular songs on a grand piano while also singing her own accompaniment.  This was the first song she played after I was given a seat.  It was beautiful.

3.)  Had enough yet?  No?  Here’s another one:

There, that oughta teach ya.

You can also go directly to the source for this by taking a look at Amy Kinley’s lovely Tumblr page It’s in the Subtext

4.)  Ok.  That was kind of mean of me.  I sawwy.  Let me fix it with this:


TRULY!  But if you’re impatient, there is also a printable fan-made version.  No clue who put this together.  Very sorry.

5.)  Ever wondered why a man so seemingly apathetic when it comes to patriotism would decide to shoot the letters ‘VR’ (Victoria Regina) into the wall of his flat?  Well, you’re not alone.  Here’s an intriguing post at ‘Historical Sherlock’ discussing the Various Readings (HA…Get it?) of those infamous letters.

6.) It’s been a good long while since we’ve brought up the campaign to save Undershaw.  Things have progressed slowly, and the war is very, very far from over.  That having been said, Amy Evenson, a graphic designer from Wausau, Wisconsin (US) has launched this very generous, and VERY cool Kikstarter project titled Masterful Words to help raise some funds in support of the Undershaw Preservation Trust.  30% of the profits from the Conan Doyle posters listed here will go to UPT.  Go check them out…They’re pretty awesome!

7.)  Ohhh.  Look, guys.  LOOK!  Just the thing to help make your very own fictional bromance a warm, fuzzy reality…

How much more ‘flipping awesome’ can you pack into a set of friendship rings??  Not quite your style?  They also come in a smaller, simpler version.  Or as bracelets.  Or matching keychains.  Or…  You get the idea.

8.)  What glorious beauty doth spring forth from the heavens when two delicious nerddoms collide…

Not sure what you’re looking at here?  That’s “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” (Sign of Four [and at least one other adventure]) written in Gallifreyan.  BAM.

9.) I’m not a psychopath, Anderson.  Do your research.

Thank you Maria Kinnikova!  THANK YOU.

10.)  Not sure what to get your ‘Sherlock’-lovin’ friends for Christmas?  Feeling crafty?  Try THIS:

Aaw yeeaah.

10.5)  We’ve had Sherlock Holmes in the 1930’s.  We’ve had Sherlock Holmes goes ‘steampunk’.  We’ve had Sherlock Holmes meets Tom & Jerry.  Sherlock Holmes as a MOUSE.  Sherlock Holmes as a FOX.  Sherlock Holmes in 2012 (I believe it was technically supposed to be 2013/14…ish, but whatever).  Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century.  … What about Sherlock Holmes in the 1980s??

Thank you Michelle Czaijkowski (?), and best of luck with this project!

~ ~ ~

S.Sigerson: “Laura texted me that she just finished watching a cooking show and read ‘Executive Producer: Jim Moriarty’ in the credits.”   —  JLD: “WAT – Dammit.  Now he’s got his twisted fingers into our food networks.” — S.Sigerson: “That’s just gross.  Totally unsanitary.  I hope he at least wears gloves.”  — JLD:  “Well of course he does.  He never gets his hands dirty.”

~ ~ ~


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