Fandom…Saturday! Make Up Double-Post

Hallo, dear internet! How have you been? We haven’t seen each other for a while. We are, in fact, actually alive. We would offer to peddle you some choice volumes of British Birds, or maybe even Catullus as a peace offering for our extended absence, but I don’t think we can afford the postage. (You can find Catullus online anyway, even the porny ones. Especially the porny ones.) Regardless, we have been away and negligent in our duties of sharing our Sherlockmania with the world. You see, Ssigerson was called away to some urgent matters in Europe, and I was left pining, taking my solace in my work and excessive viewings of the Avengers. For purely therapeutic reasons.

So, without further ado, we endeavour to make things up a bit by doing a double post. Usually we split Fandom Friday duties, but today we’re sharing, as only two people who have secret Independent Consulting Detective fist-bumps can.


Sherlock themed bathroom from haplesschyld on Flickr. Please take a bit to look through the other photos, as well as this post on it on Offbeat Home. I want to curl up and move in!

2.) From dogmaticfanboy on tumblr.


That is all.


Now THIS is a treasure. I was actually searching for something completely different and ran across this: A recording of the play “The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes”- written by Jeremy Paul and starring Edward Hardwicke and Jeremy Brett. Recorded in 1989.

*Basks in the glory*


221b Baker’s Street created out of Legos, by Legohaulic.I am so, so jealous.

But, given that I have the Holmes MiniFig, and they’ve recently released a Monster Hunters set with a bowler hat, it’s only a matter of time before Holmes legos sit atop my shelf with my Lord of the Rings ones.


This includes a reading by Vincent Starrett.

Please listen from :27.

*SSigerson bursts through door.*  Well.  That was tedious.  *Sets bloody harpoon aside.*  None of the cabs would take me.  What’s that you say?  We’ve been gone too long?  Well, well.  I have, in fact – as HamishMD has already hinted – just been away in Europe.  Back and forth between Munich and London to be exact, where I commenced to engage in some MOST pressing and EXCEEDINGLY adventurous business.  However exciting they may be, I must refrain from recounting my journeys for the moment and turn my attention to completing this week’s fandom collection…


A really very, VERY lovely song inspired by BBC’s ‘Sherlock’, written and recorded  by Rowan Lewis.  I very truly wish I had a way to buy this.


Now, we all know by now what the Canon looks like when translated into a modern context.  But what, pray tell, would ‘Sherlock’ look like if transposed back into the Canon?  A little like this, perhaps?

Yes, that is correct.  What we have here is an entire string of ‘Sherlock’ quotes put to the original Sydney Paget illustrations.  Created and posted by…I’m afraid I do not know the young lady’s name.  But DO follow the hyperlink and enjoy the rest of the set!


Trolling, my friends, is not a modern invention…

I DO so love Ghost Bees!


Now HERE is something a little different!

An entire WEEK of Sherlock Holmes-themed events being hosted ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Who’s marvelous idea was THIS??  MX Publishing’s, it would appear.  This is, just as it sounds:  “An annual event for fans all around the world to celebrate all things Sherlock Holmes.”  THIS, is what I call fandom!

No event in your area?  No problem!  PLAN ONE!  If you do, and you’d like others to join, let MX Publishing know via the  hyperlink above and they will add your event!


And now, to do a little trolling of my own, I present you with a few very small hints as to the nature of my recent travels…

~ Lurking through the Alps. ~

~ Representing the Undershaw Preservation Trust and attending the recent judicial hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. ~

~ Visiting Undershaw. ~

~And this.~

I’d stay tuned in if I were you.


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