Fandom Friday #10 – May 19, 2012

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  We’ve gone and missed a Friday! >gasp< This simply will not do and must be rectified posthaste!  Unfortunately, I am not in a particularly good position to create a double post this week.  I have been temporarily cut off from my usual weekly resources and for the time being must rely on the small backlog of links I had previously gathered.  I’ve gone and switched not only timezones, but also countries and continents.  You will all have to pardon this rather incoherent and somewhat thin list.  I fear it may be a bit heavy on the YouTube links.

1.) First on our list this week is an absolutely hilarious mashup video combining various songs from a wide range of sources with an equally wide range of clips from Sherlock (BBC1) –> MINOR SPOILERS WITHIN

Just try to keep from laughing.  Try it.

2.)  Now, I realize this is becoming a bit very heavy on the ‘Sherlock’ again, but I’ve got little to work with, so…

Brought to you by Itsumik over on DeviantArt

…Still a better love story…

3.) Okay…Okay…Okay…How about this one:

Stick that in your pipe and…No, wait, maybe you shouldn’t.

4.)  Have you ever found yourself laying awake at night thinking ‘Gee, I wonder what Sherlock would look like if illustrated in the style of the Simpsons’?  Well fret no more!

I’m afraid I haven’t the faintest idea as to who created this masterpiece.  The link tells us little apart from referencing someone or something by the name of ‘Sherlock Sam

5.) This…This right here is the very definition of adorable:

This jem (and the multitudes of others like it) has been brought to you by whoever is behind The Moony Detective.  The illustrations found there are FANTASTIC.  Always incredibly adorable and occasionally slightly slashy.  This particular set of illustrations was created in support of the Baker Street Babes, who regularly produce exceedingly phenomenal podcasts on every imaginable topic within the Sherlockian realm.  You may commence your cooing.



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