Fandom Friday(s) #7 & #8~ April 27th

And here is my turn to have dropped the ball (possibly merely lowered it) to have completely forgotten my duties for Fandom Friday last week. As penance, I shall give a meaty double post today!

Through all our troubles, Holmes is our “fixed point.”


1930s filk, done to jazz. Bad-ass, I tell you.

2.-4) A little bit of a cheat here. These days, there is a particular Barnes & Noble near me (No, I shant tell you where, it’s mine I tell you!) where I keep finding an extraordinary number of Holmes reference/fan devoted works in the Bargain Priced section. So much so that I am wondering if there is another Sherlockian on staff….

In the past 6 months I have found the following works:

The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary Guide, by Daniel Smith ( For $9.98) This one is nicely put together, and not only has great topic articles and photos, but also summaries and trivia of most of the stories and novels.

The Case Files of Sherlock Holmes, by Dr. John Watson, by Fall River Press. (For $14.98) Now this one is an utter joy! It’s presented as a “scrapbook” of case notes and miscellanea put together by Watson of 3 of Holmes’ cases (SCAN, HOUN, and FINA). Along with the printed pages, there are sleeves which contain notes, photos and letters which you can remove an examine, rather like the “Egypt/Pirate/Dragon-ology” books. Everything is high quality, and I rather want to frame some of it!

The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes, by Bruce Wexler. (For $7.98). This one I waffled over a bit, but the price and the photos inside swayed (swung?) me. This book explores various aspects of Victorian life of import to our crime solving duo- such as the police, medicine, and even women’s roles. While the final product doesn’t look as clean as the above, the strengths of this book is the period photos and photos of artifacts. I also spent plenty of time on the “centerfold” photos of the 221b Sitting room from the Sherlock Holmes museum. Droooooool….

5.) One of the amazing things about being a fan of Holmes is you begin to realize that no matter your preference for Brett, Rathbone, Cumberbatch, Lee, Cushing, Plummer, or even Caine….far more actors than you have ever imagined have played Holmes. Case in point:

Perfectly logical, Dr. Watson.

Thanks to The LA Times Hero Complex for blowing our minds.

6.) Here’s a gem which I’d forgotten about: The Dictionary of Victorian London, by Lee Jackson. The website itself says: “The Dictionary of Victorian London is a vast website – it would run to thousands of pages in print –containing primary sources covering the social history of Victorian London. This includes extracts from Victorian newspapers, diaries, journalism, memoirs, maps, advertisements &c. and the full text of several dozen books. These sources are arranged by subject area and can be browsed and searched at will. ” *Dives*

7.) I’d not really experienced much in the way of Kinetic Typography until recently. In fact, I didn’t even know it had a name other than “That word thing that was in that Celo Green Song.”  This week I ran into a few good ones, including the following:


This exists! I’m rather utterly charmed by Gonzo as Sherlock. Read more about it at the Muppet Wiki.

9.) Plugging one of our favorites, here. If you haven’t heard of Kate Beaton, run, don’t walk, to her website, for a good dose of history and literary humor. She’s done a number of Holmes comics, for which this shirt was designed:

Beware Jam!Watson!


I’ll just leave this here:


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