Fandom Friday #5~ April 6th

Happy April! Spring has sprung early and with vigor in these parts, so I hope the good weather lends itself to a nice evening stroll or a fantastic midnight chase. It’s getting to the crazy-busy part of the year, but we hope to keep up with at least Fandom Fridays as much as possible. Reviews will hopefully come with the summer months. So- without further ado, my favorite fandom bits from this week:


Because, frankly, solving mysteries IS more fun when you do it like bunnies! One mustn’t question this.

Source: redscharlach

2.) Here’s some more lovely, lovely cross -canon fandoms delights:

Why yes, that is Cumberbatch reading Holmes pastiche. Why no, no I did not pay much attention to the story.

3.)  While the date of Sherlock Holmes’ birthday ( generally agreed to be January 6th), is a subject widely discussed and celebrated amongst Sherlockian scholars, Dr. Watson’s birthday has gotten less press. People are too busy trying to figure out how many women he married and where he all got shot. (I think the answers to these questions are simple: a.) all of them and b.) John Watson does not have war wounds. War wounds have John Watson.) Brad Keefauver, however, gives us a great essay which pinpoints Watson’s birthday on that day of all good pranksters: April the first. Key evidence given: dates of Watson’s hangovers.

4.)  An old favorite, to round out the group. If you have not seen this yet, run, don’t walk:

5.) And I leave you with this, which I sadly do not have much of a source for:

Your argument is invalid

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