Fandom Friday #2: March 16th, 2012

Welcome two week two of Fandom Fridays! While our blog may have been quiet since last week, we have not been idle. Much to the delight of ssigerson, I caught up with Season 2 of Sherlock by finally watching The Reichenbach Fall, and then of course repaid her with several hours of late night mourning and theorizing. On less Haitusy-notes, we discovered some fun new adaptations, as well as some awesome merch. Check out our Pinterest boards, where we find tons of amazing stuff that can’t wait until Fandom Friday to share!

1). This week I learned something amazing. There are Sherlock Holmes adaptations that take place in the nineteenth century, the twentieth century, the twenty-first century, the twenty-second century, AND the twenty-third century. While this also prompting a sudden desire for someone to try Sherlock Holmes in the First Century (BC), it also reminded me of an old favorite fanvid, which so vividly captures the timelessness of  those ” two men of note”:

2). Discovered via Pinterest and noted via Twitter, this Teefury shirt was our “INSTABUY” of the week

3.) For some cross fandom pollination:

Found via twitter at : ScarfofCumbersaurus

4.) Sedimentary, My Dear Watson!

Found on cafepress: sirwatsonshop

5.) “Photograph Yourself with Sherlock Holmes”

Here at Stormy Petrels we have a deep love and appreciation for Save Undershaw. They’ve lately had some fantastic ways of promoting their cause. Today “Sherlock Holmes” wandered London, taking photos with fans- donations going to Save Undershaw. Having the character  jump from the page and interact with Modern London is magical and moving in the way it inspires those who see him. Ssigerson and I had our own experiences with this kind of thing once, which is I think why it resonated so much with us.

To check out photos from this event, check out the Wall Photos from The Undershaw Preservation Trust Facebook Page. We hope you’ll be glad you did!

Until next week!


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