Fandom Friday #1 ~ March 9, 2012

Ssigerson here.  What day is it?  Is it November?? *cough*  Oh lord, it’s MARCH…and a FRIDAY to boot.  But not for much longer I’m afraid, which doesn’t leave me much time to get this done.  So then, let me introduce to you a little something Hamishmd and I have concocted between us called ‘Fandom Fridays’.  What are ‘Fandom Fridays’?  If you’ve not seen the listing for them on our ‘About‘ page, here’s the general idea:

Fandom Fridays are an excuse for one of us to gather and share a small selection of our favorite bits of fan-produced artwork, videos, images, comics, etc. which we happen to bump into throughout each week.  Where possible, we will always do our best to give credit to the original artist/producer and will gladly link back to sources.  If you catch something that isn’t ‘cited’, but happen to know the source, do please let us know!

And now, without further ado, I present to you this week’s Fandom Friday selection:

1.) Here, have a little ‘Wholock’ ~ Sherlock (BBC1) vs. The Doctor:

~  No you can’t!

2.)  And while we’re on the subject…

Yes I CAN!

Source:  And here is a case in point:  My sincerest apologies for the lack of citation.  I am not sure where this originally came from.  If you happen to know, please tell us!

3.)  In which Holmes complains about his many alter-egos:

~ It was only a matter of time.

4.)  To which I reply:


Source: A fantastic artist by the name of Elina.  Please visit her LiveJournal page ‘Watson, I’m scared.’ or her page on DeviantArt for more of her wonderful, delightfully quirky, if occasionally ‘slashy’ comics and artwork.  WARNING:  May contain ‘Sherlock’ spoilers!  You have been warned.

5.) And so, children, the moral of the story is…

Seriously. You’ll thank me later.

Source:  Again.  Heartfelt apologies, but I just don’t know.  I will endeavor to seek these things out more thoroughly in the future.

~ ~ ~

~ *You wear a jacket!* ~


2 comments on “Fandom Friday #1 ~ March 9, 2012

  1. hamishmd says:

    Narnia: full of fauns, detectives and mustaches.

    There’s a “closet case” joke in here somewhere.

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